AGM Battery Versus Gel Battery: Which Is Better?

Both categorized under Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries, AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) Battery and Gel Battery are often mistaken to be the same. Both batteries possess similar traits such as having deep-cycle capabilities, non-spillable design and both can be used in different orientations. The two battery types are also known for their low self-discharge, low-maintenance and vibration-resistant characteristics. However, AGM and Gel are two distinctly different types of batteries.


The two batteries are classified as Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries. The oxygen produced on the positive plates of lead-acid batteries is absorbed by the negative plates. In turn, the negative plates produce water. This helps expel the heat from the chemical reaction produced by the electrolytes. Because of this, the user does not have to water these batteries, making them maintenance-free.

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