Advantages Of Using Inverters

Electricity has been a major invention playing a leading role in making the life easy and comfortable. People in most parts of the globe can’t imagine life without the lights flickering up after its dark, the fan making the days in summer comfortable and even the morning bread coming out warm from the toaster. Electricity defines the modern life, be it at the home or at the workplace, it is an irreplaceable element. However, with increased power consumption and newer gadgets being introduced into our lives, the same power inputs acts as a spoilsport. Well, technology has yet again played its part in making our life smoother as we have the inverter technology that makes the lights glow, the fans work and the toasters cook even regardless of the availability of the electricity!

What are inverters?

An inverter is actually a power conversion circuit that regulates current, voltage and resistance in electrical gadgets such as air conditioners, laptops, televisions, etc. The integrated circuit controls the machine’s compressors and therefore provides just the right amount of voltage for the gadget to work. While the world has been upgrading to more powerful and sensitive devices, the power supply remains the same. Inverters ensure that too much or too less of voltage from the conventional supply doesn’t harm the gadgets.

A power inverter converts DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) for better functioning of the device. Inverters as such can be used to run electrical gadgets using car batteries and other sources like wind turbines and solar panels. It wouldn’t have been possible to connect the source and gadgets in the above case without using an inverter. A more common example is a car charger that allows you to charge your mobile phone using the car’s power.

Types of inverters

An inverter is an everyday appliance today. In regions of frequent power cuts, an inverter is crucial to make your life and work run smoothly in spite of the barriers. As such, inverters come in a variety of options suiting different purposes and equipment.

Sine Wave Inverters

Constituting the basic type of inverters, Sine Wave helps to produce a similar type of output one would expect from normal electrical supply. They are among the most popular inverters used to run sensitive appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators and computers. These inverters are extremely reliable and guarantee a smooth experience.

2. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The Modified Sine Wave technology can be used to operate lesser electronic devices like light bulbs, microwave ovens, etc. The technology involves converting power from a 12 volt battery and recharge it with generators of solar panels. These inverters are more affordable than the true Sine Wave technology. However, these can’t be used to operate device that involve motor speed control.

3. Solar inverters

Solar inverters are energy efficient designs that use the sunlight as the power for generating source. The inverter collects solar energy during daytime and stores it as usable electrical energy for use during other hours of the day. These inverters are cost effective and more importantly are Eco friendly.

Advantages of using inverters

Be it the home or the office, you can never run out of electricity. The electronic devices have become an integral part of our life and every moment without it seems complex. As such, inverters guarantee a secure and easy way to keep the processes running smoothly.

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